Kensignton Ultimate Virtual Presenter

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Kensignton Ultimate Virtual Presenter

The Kensington Ultimate PresenterÖ with Virtual Pointer is an innovative presentation tool that works for a variety of environments and screens. Overcoming the shortcomings associated with traditional laser pointers, such as bright LED screens

• Virtual Pointer Technology allows pointer to be viewed on a variety of presentation screens simultaneously including traditional projection screens, TV displays, bright LED screens, and smart boards û ideal for conference rooms and auditoriums with multip
• Wireless presentation remote with Laser-free Digital Pointer will not wash out on TV displays or bri
• Online Meeting Compatibility allows remote participants to see the pointer onscreen when using web m
• KensingtonWorksÖ Software enables customization of pointer size, shape and speed to suit your presen
• Ergonomist Approved Design features a contoured shape to minimize wrist twist and maximize comfort w
• Windows® & Mac® Compatible to support PowerPoint®, Keynote®, Adobe® PDF & Google® Slides
• 2.4GHz Receiver with MicroSD Card provides up to 20 meters (65ft) of wireless range


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